Fangyi Liu

Fangyi Liu (a.k.a Chih-Ting Liu)lives in Kaohsiung. He is concentrated in free improvisation, performances with acoustic objects, electronic sound and cassette tapes. He also works on field recording, and is interested in sounds of everyday life.These sounds are often combined with his voice in his performances and musical composition.

He mentioned two major points. First is about the human voice. The pronounced action from different races and cultures contained not only languages, but also the sound of out of languages, before languages, distortion and lapsing of languages, etc. Even the unestablished pronouncing The second is about the environment sound or sound field. People are surrounded with sounds induced by every vital or mortal things. The problem of sensing or recognition environmental sound are his major projects. He tries to use any kind of materials or methods to approach these two topics.

He also created a Facebook group called Cochlea and try to introduce the musician from different fields to the new audiences. He hold several performances to promote new sound experience.

2017 The 15th Taishin Arts Award, The Black Waves
2016 Stockholm Fringe Festival Most Provocative Award, Connect project + Sun ∞ Moon

|Selected Performance|
2021 "Hollow Ship, Drift through the Void" ,TIDF , C-Lab, Taiwan
2021 Taitung Art Museum Sound Art(s) Festival " Echoic memory ", with Yu Chiao Yang, Taitung Art Museum, Taitung
2019 Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video, Music Festival, Findars, Kuala Lumpur
2019 "Don’t, I don’t" @ "Liqueered" in BOOCHOA, KdMoFA, Taipei
2018 Noise Assembly by Asian Meeting Festival, Taipei Zhongshan Hall /Taipei
2018 Anamorphosis & Anatexis, with Yu Chiao Yang, Clab, Taipei
2017 Every Film is an Enigma: Moving Images in the Black Box and the White Cube /Soulangh Cultural Park /Tainan
2016 The Black Waves, Tsai Jui-yueh Dance Research Institute, Taipei Tzoang Tzu's Dream, The National Theater Recital Hal, Taipei
2016 Mopomoso: Duo with John russell, vortex jazz bar, London
2016 Taiwan International Improvised Music Festival - Jaap Blonk Premiere Concert, Taipei
2016 Jiang shan International Improvisation Festival, with Bob Ostertag(US), Mark Alban Lotz(DE), Alessandro Bosetti(IT), Jiang ShanYi Gai Suo, Hsinchu
2015 OSMOSIS - Audiovisual Media festival, Kaohsiung

|Selected Group Exhibitions|
2020 The Window of Kamishibai, AMPLIFY 2020: quarantine festival
2019 Path, Madou Sugar Industry Art triennial, Tainan

|Sound design / Soundtrack|
2021 Ký Túc Xá, So Yo Hen
2020 Encountering Serenity in the midst of Madness/Yungtien Shao, Yaman Shao, ALIEN Art Centre
2020 This Shore: A Family Story, Tzu-an Wu works
2016 Stockholm Fringe Festival " Connect project + Sun ∞ Moon "

2021 Ripples of oblivion / Digit
2021 Two solos in 2016 / Digit
2020 The Window of Kamishibai / Digit
2020 coarse traces / with Kevin corcoran / Digit
2020 Rip current / with Semicircular / Digit
2018 Transmagnetism / with Terrorism Broadcast / Cassette, Digit
2018 Lost a Cat / with Xiuo Liu / Cassette, Digit
2018 Hong​-​thai / with Terrorism Broadcast / CDR, Digit
2017 OAS004 : Minyen Hsieh, Shih-Yang Lee, Fang-Yi Liu / Constellation in Motion / Digit / Off-Recordlabel
2016 A horror story about the wolf and the mouse / Cassette, Digit /Kandala Records,
2016 Five stone powder / with Jared Xu / Cassette, Digit /Senko Issha,
2016 I am here / Cassette, Digit
2015 Bathrooms Meteorology / CDR , Digit
2014 koujie-koujie / CDR, Digit

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