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The Contemporary Art Museum, ALIEN Art Centre, has established the membership program as AAC Friend, inviting you to promote the art field in Taiwan and support the possibility of new creation with art. If you support and recognize the exhibition content of ALIEN Art Centre, and the original intention to enhance the country’s soft power, you will become a supporter of this long-term plan. In addition to enjoying the special courtesy of entering and leaving the museum, you may also communicate with members who are also art lovers from various fields and get joy from each other, thereby supporting the development of contemporary creation. We sincerely invite you to join us, to develop Taiwan's position in the field of contemporary art in Asia and become a key force in supporting contemporary art.


Exploring the museum freely, enriching artistic vision
During the opening period, you will enjoy unlimited free visits to the museum and exclusive services. Surrounded by mountains and forests, ALIEN Art Centre is a secret land for art in the modern city, and an excellent platform to discover New Talents. Your support and sharing are also assisting art’s development and its level of influence.
Inquire the profound meaning of art and explore the self
Every art event from which we receive a special invitation is an in-depth exploration of and an encounter with ourselves. You will be invited to attend the VIP preview of the opening of the exhibition and enjoy early reservations and ticket-free benefits for lectures and various exhibitions, and the priority to communicate with artists, speakers, curators, and other professionals. To grasp the context and process of artistic creation with the firsthand experience allow you to have a deeper understanding of art.
Attend to the development of contemporary art and enrich the soul
You will enjoy discounts in the museum restaurants, having a great moment from the experience, and explore the spiritual meaning of integrating art into life.
Detailed description of rights and privileges:
1. Unlimited visits to the museum with 1 guests
2. 20 tickets of VIP free admission complimentary tickets (including free admission to the exhibition)
3. Priority admission to the art museum at the peak time
4. Invitation to the VIP previews of the opening of the exhibition
5. Free admission to art lectures and various exhibitions and performances
6. Enjoy 10% discount on purchases in the museum restaurant
7. Exclusive member-only birthday gifts at the member’s month of birth
8. Enjoy the museum’s exclusive VIP Lounge service with 1 guest
9. Enjoy accommodation discounts at Silks Club of our company group
10. Enjoy free parking service

Other Conventions

●  The AAC Friend’s privileges can only be used by the registered person.
 Membership is not transferable.

Become AAC Friends

A single membership fee of 20,000 NTD /year
M: +886-9-05221581  
E: info@alien.com.tw

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Mountain view from ALIEN Art Centre

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