/ Next to Nothing

Lin Hong-Wen

About the

My art practice is simply a manifestation of my life-views! With a pair of unhindered wings, the traversing mind begins to take flight into the boundless blue yonder. As transient thoughts trickle over the vanes of cognition, they become significant yet minute ephemera, barely registrable in one’s perception.

Linguistics cannot be effectively used to grasp the weight behind each visual instance. In an attempt to find the correlations between the various points and trajectories that seek to bring out reason, one is presented with a corresponding space of infinite resolutions. Such infinity is perhaps the most difficult concept to comprehend in one’s life. In the end, I have elected not to resolve this matter, but to simply exchange gazes in a shared presence. Perhaps, art has the capacity to foster a sense of respect and civility between every creature and matter. Maybe this is too extravagant a demand, but it is something I have been longing for.

Lin Hong-Wen, on his exhibition In Silence at ALIEN Art Centre in 2021

© Courtesy of the artist and I-Wen Huang