/ Water Moon 水月



2017 Single screen video recording sound and light, Color 單屏道錄像聲光裝置, 彩映
Courtesy of the Artist and Daisuke Miyatsu
蔡佳葳的多變與多元性,不禁令人聯想到某種「真理」的存在。她以在砂丘或者水面上書寫經文的作品成名。希臘神話中、納西斯 (Narcisse) 依戀於映入水鏡中的自己,著名的「自戀主義」因而產生,然而此作品《水月(Water Moon)》(2017年) 如同「詩有可解不可解若『鏡花水月』、勿泥其跡可也 (對詩有可理解或不可理解,如同鏡花水月)」解釋,表現出藝術理解中的深層趣味與無常幻境。我們可以發現同樣對於靜觀水面的理解,東西觀察的哲思卻似有其悖。

The fickle yet diverse interpretations of Tsai Charwei makes one wonder if "universal truth" truly exists. Tsai is famous for writing mantras on sand dunes or the surface of water. In Greek mythology, the "narcissism" of "Narcisse" who fell in love with his own reflection is very well known. Her work Water Moon (2017) seems a thought-provoking play on the concept that "whether a poem can be understood is like reflections of the moon on the water."

“Water Moon“,Charwei Tsai,40 minutes,Single screen video recording sound and light device,Colour,2017© TKG+