/ Interrelation
Hsieh MinLing


In 2020, the universe starting a journey of belonging, all the things are forced to slow down, forced to reorganize every tangible and intangible value, the impact of the process of thinking, still continuing influence in practical and virtual way.

Over the years, Hsieh MinLing has been alive through the practice in creation, in constantly grasped "practical" to be materials, to figure out "virtual" as a space and hierarchy, that is a continuous penetration of poetic space.
Drilling machinery hole on the media of silver continuously, is the way of finding herself and the path to calmness. Each complete movement is done in perfectly straight and with full devotion. Every creation or solid object are with the same approach, as an integration to our daily life. The object shows its spirit by the wearer express an attitude towards our life with personality trait.

The utensils created with silver and copper mesh, are the series embedded in the most "virtual" moment of life while as the most "practical" existence. The honest touch of life interpreted from the existing time has thought us that those heaviest process should be put down gently. Be them in space for plants or soft sculptures, as an interrelation with natural media that surrounds us.