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ALIEN Art is committed to presenting the contemporary vision of artists and designers, triggering every moment of art in your life, and the possibility of finding a rejuvenate life through art. Currently, the spaces operated and planned by ALIEN Art include ALIEN Art Centre and SILKS CLUB.

ALIEN Art Centre commemorate the roots of architecture with the "view of the times", and believe that art is a feast of "visual creation", "localities" and "architectural space". The museum provides planning of exhibition content for contemporary art and applied art, reflecting the issues and viewpoints of Taiwan and even the international level, buttressed with the vision to bring de vivre through supporting artists’ creation, and explore the potentiality of artistic development.

The planning aspects of ALIEN Art Centre include: (I) The curatorial works of contemporary vitality, exploring the infinite possibilities of artistic creation, and driving the energy of contemporary artistic creation; (II) Planning and introduction of Applied Art, exploring the artist’s original intention of creating life objects for enriching the joy of life; (III) Art re-discovery, leading the audience to understand the masters of art, their academic research and historical context.

ALIEN Art Centre
■ Awards
《2019 Shopping Design – TAIWAN DESIGN BEST 100》
《2020 Lonely Planet – Kaohsiung’s Top Contemporary Art Museum》
《Member of Taiwan Museum Pass》

■ Awards
The Best D.E.S.I.G.N. Hotels.2018 Best Cutting-edge Design Award
The Illumination Engineering Society-IES 2018 Illumination Awards of Merit IES
International Photography Awards.2018 Honorable Mention IPA
World Interiors News Awards - FINALIST
World Luxury Hotel Awards.2019 Luxury Art Hotel – Global Winner
MUSE Hotel Awards.2020 World Class Art Hotel-Regal Winner
Boutique Hotel Awards.2021 Asia's Best City Explorer

ALIEN Art, Silks Club invited Art + COM to create Dancing Particles, a poetic installation that express the evolution of the Kaohsiung city – from a fishing village to the modern-day center of international trade and commerce. © ALIEN Art

Dancing Particles by Art + COM at Silks Club © ALIEN Art

Dancing Particles by Art + COM at Silks Club © ALIEN Art

ALIEN Art's founders creation at Silks Club. To encourage the development of contemporary art, the founders of ALIEN Art create their own works of art to convey positive messages to people © ALIEN Art Centre

A series of contemporary jewelry created by Jiro Kamata staged at ALIEN Art Centre, a promising artist whose creation was recently collected by the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, and National Gallery of Victoria. © ALIEN Art Centre

Shozo Shimamoto solo exhibition and academic research in collaboration with Fondazione Morra, Italy © ALIEN Art Centre

Franz Bette’s contemporary jewelry exhibition established the connection between ALIEN Art Centre and the Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, Germany, and arnoldsche Art Publishers © ALIEN Art Centre

“My mother’s garden”,Apichatpong Weerasethakul,Daisuke Miyatsu: 25 years of video art - A point of transit signals from East and South East Asia © ALIEN Art Centre

James Turrell, Corinth Canal © ALIEN Art Centre