/ Transmission of Eastern Culture to The West
Post-War Asian art in Europe and its trend of collection

Yaman Shao

Dr.Jérôme Neutres
Director of Strategy at the Réunion des Musées Nationaux–Grand Palais
President of the Musée du Luxembourg, France
Calvin Hui
INK NOW Founder & Chairman
Courtesy of Hsiao Chin Foundation

Since the classic period (XVII-XVIIIth centuries), Asian art has fascinated European collections, and it is interesting today to recall the main landmarks of this story, through the major initiatives of the end of XIXth century, like Emile Guimet’s travels and collections and the conception of the Guimet museum as a “window” to Asia in Europe. This history highlights particularly the growing demand of Asian contemporary and modern art today. Isn’t collecting contemporary art a European invention which today is becoming global? Hsiao Chin is a particular case in this history as the artist spent most of his life in Europe, and so being collected by European collectors very early.

This talks ambitions to raise some questions and topics about the art of collecting art in Europe and Asia, the booming of Asian modern and contemporary art through the world today, and the evolution of the reception of Hsiao Chin work both in Europe and Asia.