Established to enrich people’s lives with modern and contemporary art, we are committed to sharing the most thought-provoking issues of our time, by exhibitions, projects and educational programmes aim to be inclusive of diverse cultural and creative fields.

In developing interactions with artists and related organisations, we draw inspiration from dialogues that touch the sophisticated issues of individual and social contexts, signaled by us as a result to deliver a programme that inspires.

For us, investigation and helping audiences to shape new directions of future path is more important than uphold art works. Our job is to partner with those who are able to touch the pressing issues of our world-social and environmental-by supporting new artistic production, and fostering cross-disciplinary collaborations among artists, scientists, craftsmanship, technicians and other thought-leaders.

The ALIEN has always been, and remains, an advocate of fresh ideas and experimentation, encouraging critical discourse and a better understanding of the present through art and nature.


ALIEN Art Centre (original name: Kin-ma Military Hostel) was founded in 1967, located next to Mountain Shou Shan, near the ancient Kaohsiung sea ban area, which was once warship’s intermediate stop and residency for the army. Nowadays it is still surrounded by a few marketplaces of the old town. The word “Kin and Ma” represents Kinmen and Matsu, which is the front line between Taiwan and China during the Cold War. The “Kin-Ma front line”, has its historical memory and sentiment similar to that of the Berlin Wall that was used to divide the Eastern and Western Germany, and the 38th parallel north that divides the Northern and Southern Korea, the tensest fronts in the Cold War. The site was operationally transferred from the city overnment to ALIEN Art in the year of 2018.

The museum situated at the mountain side of Shoushan National Park, rethink the relationship between nature and people. The building’s traditional texture of the building is preserved and recovered by craftsmanship selected across the professional architecture filed. With natural ventilation and light in the corridor, the ambience of the space itself is changed with the passage of time, throughout the day and four seasons. The ALIEN Art Centre has developed from a military-based estate to a place where art is considered as the start to the next journey.

Address|No.111, Gushan 1st Rd., Gushan Dist., Kaohsiung City 804, Taiwan

Museum Opening Hours|Tues ~ Sun   10am-6pm (Last entrance 5pm)
Closed on Monday ・Open on public holidays

Reserve Your Art Tour|Morning session 10:30   Afternoon session 15:30
Each session is limited for upmost 40 quests.

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