ALIEN Art is established with the aim to advancing and realizing the vision of artists, whose works promote a deeper understanding of humankind’s connection with the natural environment. ALIEN Art fulfills its mission by commissioning single artist projects, organizing exhibition, and through educational programming, humanity and nature are of equal value.

A main focus of the ALIEN is to formulate experience that is designed to guide guests towards its optimal state. The drive is to bring happiness, that in the end, guests will feel refreshed in both mind and body, and ready to embark on a healthier and more exuberant lifestyle.

∣ Project ∣ 

A place where you can stay and collect art. More than 168 art practitioners engage with the hotel art project, the aim is to lead positive development of the society and to inspire creativity of young generation.

A contemporary art museum that presents foremost art exhibition, seasonal cuisine, natural scene, and architectural design that allow sunlight shade in the historical space, providing visitors a space to relax and enjoy art.